Joakim Lyth

Joakim Lyth has enjoyed a successful career as an architect and many of his briefs are widely acclaimed and award-winning. But initially, the profession was not his first choice. Yet this is the one he ended up in. He’s been working at Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor for 19 years now, and was the administrative architect for the spectacular Emporia mall in Malmö.
Begins by asking important questions
Creating and designing were among Joakim’s interests from an early age.
"I’ve always liked to draw and paint. For a while I thought about becoming a car designer. I applied for a course at what is now HDK (the School of Design and Crafts), but did not get a place. Instead, I began a course in architecture thinking it was only temporary, but I stayed put. Being able to influence people’s lives through buildings, and hopefully changing day-to-day life for the better is incredibly interesting."
Over the years, Joakim has worked on a great many projects that have received much attention. One example is the market hall in Malmö which received the city’s urban construction prize in the autumn of 2017. Initially it was a warehouse, but in time it came to be infested with dry rot. All the wood was removed and only the walls remained – a desolate ruin. From this a covered market was created that took advantage of the ruin, brought together a range of players and became a new meeting place in an attractive setting.
"Buildings are always unique. They’re built in locations for the people there and meet one or more needs specific to that place."
Joakim worked for 14 years at Wingårdhs’ office in Gothenburg, but is now general manager at the office in Malmö. It was initially the project office for the Emporia Shopping Centre, but later became permanent.