Terrazzo goes with everything. Well almost, anyway. We may well have a vested interest, but after many years working with terrazzo, we know the material to be functional and beautiful in a variety of contexts. It’s why our product range is so broad.

Sculptures & Art

Our materials leave artists free to develop their art for interior and exterior use alike. Over the years we’ve seen how beautiful and expressive terrazzo can be, especially when it’s explored by gifted artists. We never cease to be surprised by the material.


We can supply and/or carry out modifications for the handicapped with tactile markings for the visually impaired. Aluminium profiles, routed grooves and granite studs are typical examples of the solutions that forewarn and guide the visually impaired. We also provide other types of walkways, contrasts in stair treads, tactile walkways, slip protection, inlays and similar that both fulfil practical functions and act as decorative enhancements.

Landscape Architecture

We make prefabricated and in-situ cast fountain pools, fountains and other water features in collaboration with architects and artists. Another area we undertake is functional and decorative walls, and where there is a need for curved surfaces or other special structures we usually cast them in situ.

Rustic Surface

Rustic terrazzo is also known as an exposed surface, one that is washed. It beats everything for outdoor slip protection, and is durable and hardwearing. And because it’s also practically joint-free, it prevents weed growth from penetrating – unlike other pavings. Colours can usually be harmonized with any adjoining indoor surfaces to create a sense of a continuous floor… Exposed surface depth can be selected, i.e. the surface base relief can be made deep or shallow.

In addition to rustic terrazzo as a coating with a thickness of 15-20 mm (on a concrete substrate), we can also create a variant that achieves a rustic surface by means of a solid 100-130 mm pour, depending on the anticipated load.

As an alternative to rustic terrazzzo, we can also create an antique, brushed surface with a slight base relief. The surface provides a soft feel, is very hard wearing, but with less anti-slip protection than the rustic terrazzo.

Entrance Areas

Keeping indoor floors elegant and durable usually calls for a good doormat. When we lay new terrazzo floors, we can also deliver and install a recessed doormat of a suitable size, weight, performance and appearance. When renovating entryways where there is damage to the terrazzo floor – often around existing, old doormat frames – we install new frames and mats while we’re fixing the terrazzo floor. Among the brands we supply are Kabe Mat, Matting and Forbo.

Complementary products

We offer a variety of products that help to maintain, preserve and dress terrazzo surfaces. Our range includes products for cleaning and impregnation, grinding and milling tools, stone adhesive and other items relevant to the field. We also sell large floor grinders and polishers of the American brand Terrco, for whom we are the Swedish dealer.