Bengt Ahlqvist

Bengt Ahlqvist is one of our most experienced architects. Over the years, he’s not only worked with homes and offices, but also urban planning and infrastructure projects. In the summer of 2017, the Stockholm Metro City Line was inaugurated – a six-kilometre long commuter rail tunnel that runs under the city. Bengt and his team took part in the planning of the two new stations practically from the start.
Bengt’s interest in architecture began in his early teens.
"I had an uncle who was a construction engineer and who was something of an idol to me. He also arranged an internship for me with Paul Hedqvist, a renowned architect at the time."
Next, Bengt was employed for many years by Ralph Erskine, another prominent figure in Swedish architecture. They continued their collaboration when Bengt later started up on his own.
"The architectural profession is creative. It’s also a team effort that requires collaboration and mutual trust."
His assignments are many, both abroad and in Sweden. Two well-known examples of where Bengt has left his mark is the Dutch immigration authority’s offices in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the Byker district in Newcastle upon Tyne. In Sweden, we can mention Stockholm University, Allhuset at Frescati, City Terminal and the World Trade Center in Stockholm, as well as the commuter rail stations at Årstaberg, Kungsängen and Barkarby. However, his success does not seem to have had much impact on Bengt’s modesty, and he quietly tells us:
"I guess I’m pretty good at design and drawing little figures."