Circular terrazzo - reuse, from demolition to construction

The need for sustainable solutions and recycling is growing ever stronger. We at Herrljunga Terrazzo have therefore developed a sustainable solution - we grind down the residual waste from the demolition site and use it as aggregate in our terrazzo. Circular construction with circular terrazzo! 
You can call it Re-Terrazzo.

From toilet seat to terrazzo floor

Construction waste such as ceramic tiles, glass, bricks, porcelain or natural stone tiles etc. is easily fed into our mobile crusher.
In the electric crusher, the material will be ground up and sifted out into fractions which we then mix in as aggregate in the terrazzo casting - as a new material in the building.
We install the cast-in-place terrazzo floor - a floor that "lasts generations".

Circular Terrazzo - how is it done?

We inventory and map what in the demolition property can be reused 
The material is sorted and ground into fractions in our mobile crushing plant
The fractions are weighed and a specific recipe is created
EPDs are created if desired
Then we cast the terrazzo in place in the new property
The terrazzo floor is grinded
We hand over a recycled terrazzo floor that lasts "for generations"

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