Lisa Landgård

For Lisa Landgård there was never any doubt in terms of career choice – she would become an architect. Over the years, she’s worked on several major projects, including Biomedicum, Karolinska University Hospital’s new research centre with a floor area of more than 65,000 m2. The laboratory is one of Europe’s most modern and is expected to attract staff from all over the world.
The creative instinct awoke early in Lisa and expressed itself in many ways.
"I’ve always drawn things and made things with my hands. My interest in architecture also came early, and as a five-year-old I was already looking at Bauhaus buildings and beautiful façades and making comments about them."
After high school, she took a break from her plans and studied French and skied for two years. This was followed by six years studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in Copenhagen before joining Danish architect firm C.F. Møller.
"I started working for them in Copenhagen, but was sent to the Stockholm office to work with architectural competitions. In fact, I should’ve only stayed for six months, but I’m still here seven years later."
Begins by asking important questions
As an architect, she’s often involved in assignments at an early stage.
"I like to be visionary and I take a great interest in the community. For me, asking the right questions is important: Who’re we doing this for? What do people want and what do they need? How can architecture contribute to this?"
At times, Lisa has to work intensively and tries to take it easier later and charge her batteries.
"Architects work in teams and we come up with solutions together as a collective. Teamwork is something I really like. It acts as a catalyst for good ideas. For my part, I get a lot of inspiration from my colleagues. We’re from different parts of the world, have gone to different schools and have different specialities. Spending time in nature is another great source of inspiration. There’s a natural balance somewhere in between."