New NK Saluhall floored by Herrljunga Terrazzo

In addition to the aroma of delicious cheeses, freshly baked bread and fantastic delicacies, quality is the first thing to hit you when you walk through the doors of the new NK food hall. Ever since it opened its department store in 1902, Nordiska Kompaniet has delivered extraordinary quality and service and continues working to exceed its customers’ expectations! Food enthusiasts from the four corners of the earth travel here to savour world-class flavours – and its easy to understand why!

As part of the amazing transformation that the new NK Saluhall underwent prior to its new inauguration in March 2019, our terrazzo was the natural choice for the architects and the installer Stockholms Platt.

Together with the truly professional architects at Strategisk Arkitektur, we had the honour to create the perfect colour to provide an incredible uplift to the entire NK food hall. The terrazzo, a unique creation for NK Saluhall, is a combination of a pale background with dark green features of high quality Italian marble in different sizes. The colour contrasts with the rest of the decor and brings a feeling of luxury to the gastronomical concept they sought to create for the entire hall. The floor binds together areas surrounding the stores in the hall and helps create a glorious traditional food hall experience. The feeling of luxury is constantly present no matter if you visit NK Saluhall to eat lunch, spot celebrities or buy excellent delicacies to take home for the weekend.

The colour used for the new NK Saluhall has become so popular with both the purchaser and everyone at Herrljunga Terrazzo that we have added it to our Herrljunga XQ product range under the name HT-VINCENZO.