Malmö is expanding! Half way between Limhamn and Hyllie, where Malmö Arena, Emporia, Hyllie Station and hotels rub shoulders, is the more peaceful Elinelund’s Summer City. So many new homes have sprung up that it must be impossible for older Malmö residents to recognise the place, right next to Limhamn’s old limestone quarry. In a commission from the City of Malmö, Liljewall Arkitekter in Gothenburg have designed a splendid school for the area’s children. Stefan Östman and Calle Melin are among the architects in charge.
Thin floating floor
At a relatively late stage, the general contractor discovered that there was hardly any latitude available to meet footstep noise reduction standards. The thin, floating terrazzo floor presented by RA Golv was the key to silencing structure-borne sound while also providing seamless, easily cleaned, beautiful, two-colour floors.
Thus Elinelund’s school became one of the major projects where a thin floating floor was put to good use. Thanks to a special cement recipe, the terrazzo floor can be laid with a thickness of 35-40 mm, including 5 mm Aprobo dB2 matting! The substrate has to be smooth and stable. This solution makes site-poured terrazzo an attractive floor covering where users are looking for an easily cleaned, seamless, stylish floor that is also durable and meets noise reduction standards! The perfect choice for homes and schools, where floor traffic is moderate.
In other buildings, where traffic and loads are tougher such as stations, shopping centres and hospitals, the stronger, floating terrazzo floors continue to be the best solution for a smooth, beautiful floor with incomparable durability.
Thanks to Peter Johannisson and Filip Karlsson et al. at Otto Magnusson Bygg for their excellent collaboration during the construction period.
By the way. Perhaps we should mention that we can make new, unique terrazzo colours at no extra charge for site-poured terrazzo. This also applies to floating floors!
Photograph: Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand/Liljewall