When Herrljunga Terrazzo works with terrazzo as a furnishing, it’s usually manufactured from large, solid, cast blocks. The major part of production is based in Italy. The massive blocks are sawn and cut to the desired size. The terrazzo tiles come in a variety of appearances with stones of different kinds, colours and shapes. Even though there are some specific dimensions to stick to, the possibilities for achieving a different, creative décor are many.

“We love it when our customers think outside the box and create new designs using this classic material,” says Lovisa Emanuelsson, who works with tiles at Herrljunga Terrazzo. “The projects we are involved in can range from developing an individual product as a one-off, to taking part in the development of a completely new terrazzo interior design concept. We work with everything, large or small. The smallest thing we supply are product displays belonging to a retail concept for beauty products. They are small terrazzo tiles, each of which accentuate a single item of hand cream.”

Of course, at Herrljunga Terrazzo, we work a great deal with floor coverings, and we’re talking about large areas. Larger volumes also mean greater opportunities to get really artistic and create something sensational with the material. In interior design, the floor is something that truly affects atmosphere. It lets you play with different colours and tile formats, and choose a terrazzo that creates just the right feeling in a room. With our material, you can work with shimmer, marbling, contrasts, small scale, large scale and many, many more expressions.

Terrazzo is a material that many architects, designers and decorators appreciate. It’s a durable natural material that is beautiful and has character; it’s a classic material that’s always been around. Meanwhile, terrazzo is enjoying an upward trend and is used as a modern, contemporary material that exudes a sense of luxury. Typical examples of what we supply to public environments are worktops, bar and checkout counters, window sills and tables.

“We’ve also carried out a number of prominent special projects,” says Lovisa. Everything from unique washbasins in hotel rooms to a bench seat in a preschool. The unique bench was cut out from a single block of terrazzo to produce the curved, seamless shapes. It’s always fun when our customers come up with ideas we ourselves hadn’t thought of before, and we can help to bring them to life.