The biggest news of the year here at Herrljunga Terrazzo has a Nordic flavour and focuses on sustainability and materials with local and regional origins. It’s a brand new collection developed as a tribute to our Nordic natural environment where the material in the terrazzo is based on what we can find in Nordic countries.

The Nordic collection is a range of colours intended for in situ terrazzo. In situ terrazzo can naturally be used for floors and also as skirting and the surface of stairs. In outdoor environments it’s used in fountains, terraces, ground surfaces and walls etc. Every single surface area becomes unique through the mixture of natural materials, which takes place in situ. The architect or designer decides the shape, delineation and division.

The Nordic collection is an initiative to reduce shipping distances and environmental impact. Because the materials come from Nordic countries and are available locally, we reduce haulage significantly. In our industry, as in many others, haulage is responsible for a large part of the environmental impact.

Gunhild, Kjettil and Loke are the names of three of the colours, and they too speak of Nordic history. The colours run in Scandinavian style with pale, elegant hues and darker, more practical shades; the colours that many of us are happy to pick out for our indoor environments. The collection includes everything from grey with contrasts; soft beige tones, pale purple, blue, white and black. We feel the colours are an excellent fit for all kinds of public spaces.

The ballast in NORDIC Collection comes mainly from Sweden, but several of our new colours also use stone from Norway and Finland. The cement used to bond the stone and whose proportion in the mixture is determined extremely precisely, comes from Sweden and Denmark.

In May, Herrljunga Terrazzo took part in an Architect at Work Exhibition in Denmark where the theme was innovation. The global new releases presented included Herrljunga Terrazzo’s NORDIC Collection.

We want this collection to enable property owners, order placers and architects to make environmentally aware choices even when selecting terrazzo materials. We also want the colours in the series to inspire, not only because they’re beautiful, but also because they’re made from domestic materials and make shorter transport routes a reality!