We make prefabricated and in-situ cast fountain pools, fountains and other water features in collaboration with architects and artists. A good example of this is Bältespännarparken in Gothenburg.

In 2013, it was time to refurbish Gothenburg’s Bältespännarparken with its central fountain. Among other things, the park’s fountain was showing permanent traces of wear. The Parks and Landscape Administration ran the project and building consultancy Ramboll Sweden AB accounted took care of design and construction documentation. The result was a fountain base in black terrazzo that reflects the sparkle and vitality of the water.

The City Planning Authority and Traffic and Public Transport Authority also took part during the design sketch process in the renovation of Bältespännarparken, which was run by the Parks and Landscape Administration. The project had to take into account a number of stakeholders who set high standards for the works. For example, Göteborg & Co – the arrangers of many of Gothenburg’s major events – needed to use Bältespännarparken as a venue and meeting place several times per year. Trucks need access, tents must have space and many people are always on the move here.

The project’s landscape architect was Ingrid Reimertz, LAR/MSA from Ramboll in Gothenburg. Ramboll took care of design and prepared the documentation for the project. The documentation showed which jointing materials should be used, the colours and patterns, the number of grindings, goals for the finished surface, and more. Then there was the Parks and Landscape Administration, whose own work was based on the construction documentation.

“When we began the project, there was an old fountain in Bältespännarparken called “Sponsringen”. It was clad in red granite and had a high rim that was in pretty bad shape, having been bumped into by trucks and other things. We improvised quite freely at first, but finally decided to let the fountain stay put by keeping the technology but giving it a new look,” says Ingrid Reimertz.

“Previously, the fountain only had one nozzle; we kept this during the renovation and added more. The foundations of the former fountain pool were retained, partially filled with lightweight filling materials and strengthened with reinforced concrete. In-situ terrazzo was cast on top of this. Because terrazzo is liable to crack if cast over large areas, it was divided into sections by narrow strips. We created a pattern that took its inspiration from rings on the water, and designed the strips as circles.”

“Bearing in mind that the structure had to withstand major strains and stresses, durable, hard-wearing terrazzo suited the application admirably. We wanted the terrazzo surface to go well together with the paving stones in Bältespännarparken. The surrounding stone is many-coloured, and we wanted to emphasise this by using these same colours in the terrazzo. The collaborations we enjoy the most is meeting our suppliers and getting to see and feel the material samples. And this was precisely the case with Herrljunga Terrazzo when we met during the course of the project and got advice on handling and methods,” says Ingrid Reimertz.

The terrazzo base is initially perceived as black, but on a closer look you can see the different shades of stone Ingrid describes. When the fountain fills the base with water, it creates beautiful reflections and the terrazzo takes on a very attractive sheen. Both the material and the structure of the base can cope with major stresses. There are now no edges to be bumped into, as the design flows into the paving stones surrounding the fountain. This means trucks have no problem driving into the park and events can take place unhindered by the location. The nozzle in the centre of the fountain is protected by a thick stainless steel grating. It was designed specifically for this project and dimensioned to cope with trucks passing over it.

“The Fountain base that was finished in 2014 is more elegant than its predecessor, and it fits in well on the Avenue. With the Grand Theatre, Garden Society and quantities of flowers all around, the fountain is located in the perfect setting. It’s always fun working in the centre of town – many people get to see what I do, and many get to use it. Now many children get to splash around, run and play in the fountain with their parents sitting alongside. It’s awesome that it’s become something that people use, not just something they look at,” concludes Ingrid Reimertz.