Here at Herrljunga Terrazzo we work with made-to-measure furnishings where our products are cut from large blocks of terrazzo. They might be worktops, bars and checkout counters, tables or window sills. You can read more about this in our article Terrazzo’s Possibilities.

Kitchen worktops are a product that we deliver to various types of environments. “Now we see more and more clients also opting for terrazzo splashbacks above their worktops. It’s been a rising trend over the last two years,” says Lovisa Emanuelsson at Herrljunga Terrazzo. “Instead of choosing tiles or glass to protect the kitchen wall against dirt and moisture, they let the terrazzo continue up the wall instead. More often than not they choose the same colour for the splashback as for the worktop,” continues Lovisa.

Terrazzo worktops and splashbacks look great in all kinds of settings, such as hotels and company offices, where terrazzo will add style to any canteen or coffee station. One of the pictures shows a project we carried out for Murman Arkitekter AB. We also delivered terrazzo to Ekelund Stockholm New York who had chosen a kitchen worktop and splashback for their new office in Gothenburg. The kitchen there was from Asplund and the interior designer was Maria Kangärde. Several renowned kitchen suppliers have chosen terrazzo worktops and splashbacks.

We have a wide range of colours to choose from. Our Herrljunga XQ, Italian Style, Italian XQ and Starlight collections include the colours for kitchen worktops and splashbacks. “Right now, we see that white, light grey and medium grey are the most popular terrazzo choices for kitchen worktops. Perhaps people are inspired by the natural colour of marble, or maybe they have other colours in the kitchen and seek to neutralise them with white and grey that do not steal the limelight,” says Lovisa.

Delivery time for kitchen worktops and splashbacks is around 4-5 weeks. We’re usually in contact with the project architect/designer, who provides the dimensions of what will be ordered, e.g. by means of a kitchen design drawing. The worktops are cut to size in Italy, where holes for taps and the sink are prepared. They are then delivered to the clients, who take care of installation themselves.

Caring for a terrazzo worktop is much like caring for marble. The material can be sensitive to acids such as coffee, tea and lemon, and all spills must always be wiped up immediately. Use cleaners intended for stone to avoid the risk of using acidic cleaning agents that can cause blemishes or mottling, or lime scale removers, which can cause corrosion damage. Terrazzo is a material that gains a patina over time and only grows more beautiful with age.