Creativity flowed freely in our TerrazzoLab™ when the architects from Cedervall Arkitekter paid us a visit and held a two-day workshop.

Our premises in Herrljunga are home to TerrazzoLab™ where we develop our terrazzo and create new samples. It’s here in the workshop that ideas emerge and become reality. It’s where we welcome architects, artists and students who want a glimpse into terrazzo and its fields of application, whether they are working on a project or just want to be inspired by the material’s possibilities.

Cedervall Arkitekter is an architectural firm in Stockholm that works in the public environment. Some of its architects have already worked with terrazzo in their projects. When they wanted to explore terrazzo and get to know it better, they contacted us. Naturally, we welcomed them into our world of terrazzo to delve deeply into the material. Over two days our agenda included theory, documentation and a lot of practical work in the lab.

The architects had only been given one thing to do before taking the train down to Herrljunga. Bring along something small and personal to cast in the terrazzo! Inside the lab was everything from bits of fluorescent plastic, toy figurines, buttons and small cernit clay shapes lined up. After a theory session, the architects got to create their own terrazzo recipes, after which production was in full swing. There was a broad spectrum of colours and the terrazzo found expressions in mint green, bright yellow and much more besides. After a night of curing, it was time to grind the samples and reveal the results; we saw various unexpected colours and shapes emerge.

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