Burgeoning Swedish fragrance house Byredo has taken the world by storm, and in 2015 the company opened its first store in the USA. Here in Manhattan, New York City, you’ll not only find the celebrated perfumes but also handbags, sunglasses and other accessories.

Christian Halleröd, nominated interior designer of the year 2016 by the magazine Residence, designed the store interiors together with founder, Ben Gorham.

  •  We have an enjoyable, inspirational collaboration. Ben is so engaged and always wants to move things ahead. He’s determined that everything should be is good as can be, which also leads to a great partnership.

Byredo’s Flagship Store is on 62 Wooster Street in Manhattan, New York, and showcases the company’s entire range. The goal was to create a relaxed, luxurious setting with the feel of a lounge – a place where customers can explore the products in calm tranquillity.

  •  “There’s terrazzo almost everywhere except the ceiling,” says Christian, smiling. “On the floors, walls, doors, tables and podiums. Terrazzo is a hard material but can still be perceived as warm and elegant through the right colour choice, design and interplay with other furnishings. I’m very pleased with the results.”

Christian has a special fondness for terrazzo, partly because of its stone feel and also because it can be used in so many different ways. These days he also has the material in his own office, where Christian himself designed the mixture that contains tumbled rather than crushed stones.

  •  I’ve always liked terrazzo. I’m always inspired by looking at the old palaces in Italy. In Sweden, the material is pretty much linked to Metro stations and other public spaces, so it’s great to see it used in so many other surroundings these days. It’s a beautiful, classic material that is suited to so many things.

Christian has worked with Herrljunga Terrazzo for many years in a collaboration that he finds simple and uncomplicated.

  •  They are always helpful and professional. They send samples, solve problems, are flexible and really listen. When I come up with an idea they do everything to help me accomplish it.

Herrljunga Terrazzo offers a range of stylish collections. As an architect, you have the opportunity to design your own terrazzo in our lab. Find out more at terrazzo.se.