Laboratory of the future
Karolinska University Hospital is one of the world’s leading medical universities and the new Biomedicum research centre has been described as a laboratory of the future. A number of institutions that were previously scattered across the area will be moving in. The aim is to gather experimental research on KU’s Solna campus under a single roof. It provides an advanced research environment that promotes collaboration and research across disciplinary boundaries.

Lisa Landgård, Architect SAR/MSA at architectural firm C.F. Møller in Stockholm was the administrative architect for Biomedicum’s interior design of public and semi public spaces. The goal was to create a timeless building that especially inspires meetings and collaboration between researchers. The concept proceeded from natural, classic materials and the basis was wood, plant walls and terrazzo.

Designed to cope with stress

The structure is not just designed to be a building in a park, but one where the park also has a place in the building, which means plants and wood are recurring themes. Terrazzo can be found in the floors, stairs, planting tubs and benches.

  • Because the central public space with its skylight atrium is so big and high, we wanted the floor to anchor the space and so we chose grey as the background with white stones. Green and red stones also feature that allude to Biomedicum’s green exterior and the red brick buildings on campus.

We also decided that the floor on the entrance level would not consist of flagstones but instead be cast in situ. To prevent damage, we chose floating floors able to cope with stresses from e.g. thermal expansion or ground movement by using a sliding layer to create flexibility.

  • Terrazzo is a fantastic material that I love to work with. It’s beautiful, durable and adaptable and can be used in so many different ways. It also ages very nicely and can be ground again if necessary. We have terrazzo in our office

Millions of questions, prompt responses
Herrljunga Terrazzo got involved in the process early on and the collaboration was very successful.

  • It feels like I asked them a million questions! But I always got prompt responses. They’re attentive, professional and knowledgeable. The work is straightforward and there are never any problems. They were also friendly and sent a great many rock samples to us. It’s truly inspiring to draw a pattern, hold talks and then get a result that is precisely as good as we imagined!