We sometimes get requests that are a little more unusual than others, and it’s not often that we cast terrazzo in situ around a private home. At first, Elisabeth and Hans Schumacher were looking for a stone patio to lay around their newly built villa. They contacted a company to take a look at tiles, but were told that this would be too slippery outdoors, and so the company recommended terrazzo from Herrljunga Terrazzo instead. So now there’s antique brushed terrazzo at the Schumacher home.

We’re always able to create completely individual terrazzo recipes according to the customer’s requirements for colour, surface treatment and the amount of stone. This is what we did in this case, too. Because the surface would be outdoors, we showed Elizabeth and Hans antique brushed terrazzo. Just like tiles, terrazzo that is polished in the classic manner would be too slippery to walk on in the rain.

Antique brushing involves grinding and brushing the surface in a special way once the floor has been cast in situ. The stones in the terrazzo allow a surface texture to be formed during brushing. This is the treatment that prevents the material from becoming slippery when wet.

“Our requirements for the patio were that it should work outdoors and be sand coloured. We drove over to Herrljunga Terrazzo to take a look at different samples. There were many choices to make there – how much stone did we want in the terrazzo; how much tumbling should it have, which colours, how much pigment, did we want a patterned patio and so forth. It’s fantastic how Herrljunga Terrazzo offers its customers the opportunity to get things exactly the way they want them – their level of service was very high. Our problem was being unsure how we wanted things to look; we’d just finished building a house and were tired of making choices. But the result was excellent anyway. Herrljunga Terrazzo was extremely helpful and capable,” says Elisabeth Schumacher.

The terrazzo patio runs right around all four sides of Elizabeth and Hans’ house. It’s around 2 meters wide at the entrance and gables, and facing the sea it’s around 5 meters, which provides ample space for dining and lounge areas.

“The result is a patio that blends in well with the house. As you approach and get up close, you can see the terrazzo come alive – the stones and the texture form a pattern. The patio is not at all perceived as slippery. It’s pleasant to walk on when returning from a swim with wet feet. We would definitely recommend terrazzo for this purpose to others. And it’s also great that it’s so easy to clean – we just hose it down. We have only good things to say about our experience and Herrljunga Terrazzo’s approach,” says Elizabeth.