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Herrljunga Terrazzo is the leader in Swedish terrazzo production. We offer prefabricated solutions and floors cast in situ. Terrazzo is also suitable for furnishings, stair treads, worktops and wall coverings. Building on thousands of years of artisanal tradition, our extensive experience and a passion for constantly refining our designs and technology, we help our customers to realise their own ideas and visions using one of the world’s most interesting materials – terrazzo. Always contemporary.

Our story

Sure we’ve been around a long time, but that’s nothing compared to our products
We just have to accept it; we were not first. As early as the antiquity, Romans and Greeks mixed water, cement and marble to produce beautiful, durable floors. Without a doubt, terrazzo was here to stay.
The terrazzo business began here in Herrljunga in the middle of Västergötland County, back in 1929 when cement casters Herrljunga Cementgjuteri was established. In the 1960s, the company became part of Strängbetong, and as part of the latter’s outsourcing strategy in 2002, Herrljunga Terrazzo AB was allowed to become an independent, stand-alone company.

We are proud to continue this outstanding artisanal tradition dating back thousands of years. Terrazzo is an exciting material, and no matter how long we go on, the potential design variations are never ending. We enjoy stimulating collaborations with architects, interior designers, designers, artists and construction industry colleagues and we never cease to marvel at how design-friendly the material is. Over the years, countless variations have been developed in our terrazzo lab by employees, visiting architects and designers alike.

We also act as advisers and experts in our field. As a material, terrazzo is easy to maintain, unusually durable and is also sustainable from an environmental perspective. It’s excellent for flooring, stairs, worktops, wall cladding and artistic decoration – to mention but a few examples. For our part, we’re passionate about terrazzo and its advantages and love to use our expertise to achieve the best end results possible. It’s why we prefer to take part in the whole process, from early planning to completed project.

While terrazzo is stylistically pure, it can still be personal. People shape the design and geographical areas leave their mark through the types of rock selected. For example, we use Italian marble and stone from Scandinavian bedrock, two areas that have special places in our hearts.

Fashions, demands and dreams come and go, but terrazzo has a wonderful ability to be both timeless and modern. Today, everything is possible – just as it was thousands of years ago. That’s the way we see things here at Herrljunga Terrazzo.


We refine public spaces and commercial buildings e.g. floors, walls, stairs and interiors using durable terrazzo materials, and we exceed customer expectations through our strong customer focus and personal commitment.


Our core values – design, commitment and durability – characterise our business in both word and deed.

We see our mission as more than merely delivering terrazzo. It’s also to help our customers realise their ideas and dreams of terrazzo as a design material, both indoors and out. Terrazzo offers endless possibilities, and we help our customers explore them. Together we create beautiful settings with long-term designs that get people to feel at home.

In short, we like what we do. We are wholeheartedly committed to the industry and our projects and customers. Our approach is solution-oriented, dynamic and straightforward. This makes us both flexible and creative. And down-to-earth. This attitude characterises everything from concrete projects to relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our products are exceedingly durable and have a long lifespan. But that’s not all. For us, durability is both a central and practical concept that makes us think long term in everything we undertake. Whether it concerns preparation, materials, environmental aspects, economic, social or business relationships, or indeed anything we deal with, it is the long term that is important to us.


It’s easy to generalise and be vague when talking about the environment and sustainability. Naturally, there’s nothing wrong with grand visions per se, but in the end everything is about what we, as individuals and companies, do on a daily basis. Even the smallest, thoughtful step can be significant in the long run.

We have the privilege of working with a material that is durable in a number of ways. Terrazzo is largely made up of natural materials, some of which are waste products that are recovered at the quarry, and it is noted in particular for its outstanding durability. The material is also easily maintained and only mild chemicals are needed for day-to-day cleaning. Many of the constituent types of stone come from Scandinavia, which means shorter shipping distances. Within Sweden’s borders, we also have the opportunity to use transport with up to 95% of fossil-free fuel. During business trips, we often take the train and our company cars are charged from our own solar energy panels. That said, certain steps are great and others are small, but the latter may have significance in the longer term.

All of our products are assessed for environmental impact by BVB and SundaHus. We are also registered in BASTA and meet Swedish GreenBuilding and BREEAM standards.


Our products have been all the rage for thousands of years.
We are the leader in Swedish terrazzo production. We offer prefabricated solutions and floors cast in situ. Terrazzo is also suitable for furnishings, stair treads, worktops and wall coverings. Building on thousands of years of artisanal tradition, our extensive experience and a passion for constantly refining our designs and technology, we help our customers to realise their own ideas and visions using what in our eyes is one of the world’s most interesting materials – terrazzo.

Isn’t it fascinating that even during antiquity the Romans and Greeks used terrazzo to create beautiful floors? Today, terrazzo is still one of the world’s most functional, durable and environmentally friendly materials. What we’re talking about is serious durability. What’s more, terrazzo offers endless design possibilities when it comes to patterns, combinations of materials and colours. The fields of application are also evolving and today we see terrazzo not only on floors but also as furniture, furnishings, ornaments and works of art.

We are proud to be part of this ancient artisanal tradition. Our job is not just to sell terrazzo products, we also want to share our know-how and experience in the field. In addition, we offer architects, designers and artists the opportunity to create their own terrazzo in our unique terrazzo laboratory.

We prefer to work in close collaboration with our clients in Sweden and abroad, and to do everything to achieve the best possible results. We value durability and long-term thinking, not only in our products but also in our relationships with customers and suppliers, in fact everyone we come into contact with.


Vill du jobba hos oss?

Vi söker Hantverkare för våra terrazzoentreprenader
Som golvläggare eller montör hos oss arbetar du på byggarbetsplatser runt om i Sverige. Vår projekt kan vara allt ifrån en dag till flera månader. Eftersom vi arbetar över hela landet kommer tjänsten medför ett stort antal övernattningar på annan ort, företaget tillhandahåller logi. Arbeten sker under Byggnads avtal och företaget har kollektivavtal.

Vi ser gärna att du även uppfyller några av nedanstående kriterier.
• Gymnasieutbildning från byggprogrammet med betonginriktning
• Körkort med minst B-behörighet, övriga bokstäver är meriterande
• Erfarenhet av arbete med tunna pågjutningar
• Erfarenhet av diamantslipning av betong- och terrazzogolv
• Erfarenhet av sättning av golvplattor, natursten, kakel och klinker
• Betongutbildning klass II
• Tätskikt för våtrum-certifiering
• Härdplastutbildning

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You’re always welcome to send your CV to us, even when there are no vacancies. On our part we’re committed to providing a great working environment with excellent opportunities for development and a great sense of belonging. Ideally you are a quick learner, interested in developing your skills and willing to travel a lot on the job. You are also responsible, friendly, a good workmate and would make a good representative for the company.

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